What is skull fabric and how can you use it in your home décor

skull fabric, home decorSkull fabric is a soft cotton fabric with human skull printed on it. Different from any other type of fabric available in the market, skull fabric is useful in many ways. To create a new definition in your home décor, skull fabric can be bought in yards and put to use wherever you like it.

Skull fabric is an ingenious mean for making bed canopies. Though canopies are often considered to be luxury items, skull fabrics are cheaper than many other options and hence enable you to have a bed canopy too, that also of a very different kind. It can also be used to make curtains or furniture coverings. With both sides printed with skulls, it adds an entirely new look to your old furniture. Skull fleece fabric is very comfortable to make winter clothes and is an alternative to people allergic to wool. Available in many colors, they can be used to make table cloths, tote bags and napkins.