Using Vintage Linens

Looking at the way our landfills are filling up to the brim, one must give a sincere thought to reusing old & wearing off articles. Not only does it help the noble cause but with the endless creative solutions coming up, they add to the overall appeal of your house. Linens are often thrown away (especially those from Grandma’s age) once they start showing signs of wear, tear & stains. However, with some preliminary treatments, they can be replenished once again (for the same or a different deployment).

Make sure you wash your linen the right way. Opt for a mild detergent (& soft wash cycle) since harsh chemicals can deteriorate your linen even before its natural age would. You can use a collage of old linens to brighten up a wall in your guest room. You can also flaunt them with your curtains. With some designer stitching, they can be converted into appealing quilts.