Using Feng Shui for Decorating Your Rooms

Though many people openly mock supernatural belief systems, it is intriguing how increasing number of them are adopting these systems themselves. The Feng Shui (which literally means ‘wind water’) is an ancient belief system in the Chinese civilization, which has now made a permanent mark over the globe. It associates the five basic elements and specific shapes to be used to bring happiness & luck to the household. It makes use of special conditions and/or objects to be placed & oriented in the pre-specified way so as to facilitate the flow of positive energy around the place.

While decorating your place based on the Feng Shui ideology, one should give a brief thought to colors – since every color means something. The lighting used should be calm (and possibly natural) and not straining to the eye or the flow of Chi (energy). You can also make use of wood or decorative crystals.