Unique themes for bathroom décor

bathroom décorAsk yourself where you spend the most relaxing part of your day. The answer in all likelihood will be your bathroom. A hot bubble bath in your bathroom after a tiring day at work is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing experiences ever. You pamper yourself the most when you are in your bathroom. So, since the bathroom plays such an integral part in your life it is important that your design and decorate your bathroom beautifully. To make your bathroom look beautiful and stunning you can use some very unique ideas? Do you want to know about them? Read on.

If you love the nature then you can decorate your bathroom juts like a garden. Bring the nature inside with a bathroom that looks like a visual garden is a truly different and welcomed idea. For this, you can paint grass and garden flowers on the walls of your bathroom. If you do not want to paint on the wall then you can use wallpapers with flowers and gardens on them in the bathroom. However, if you think that wallpapers are commonplace then choose garden pastel hues for the bathroom walls and colorful blossoms for the ceilings. On the windows as well as the shower doors on the bathroom you can add some flowers clings; vegetables clings will work equally well. You can purchase some small sized flower pots and use them to keep all your toiletries.

If you have always interested in the sea, then the marine time theme might work very well for your bathroom. Marine design works complete bathrooms very well and you can never go wrong with this theme. On the walls of the bathroom you can have murals of turtles and dolphins. You should also get some ocean beach towels and shell curtains for your bathroom.