Tornado home tips for vulnerable regions

Tornado Prone Regions home, home securityIf you live in such a region which is very vulnerable to the attack of tornado, then you should certain safety precaution to ensure safety of your house as well as the living in there. While building your home, you should pay proper attention towards the construction codes followed for your house. The modern rules and regulation set up by the authorities are sufficient to ensure safety from strong winds especially tornado, the most deadly storm.
You should take care of few important parts of your house while constructing a new one or renovating the old one to stay safe during tornado. The windows should impact resistant and strong enough to absorb the shock and impact of the tornado. The doors should be hinged at least at three positions and should be fitted with a strong dead bolt lock system. The door should be strong enough to bear the shock of the storm attack.

Sliding doors are not at all perfect if you are a tornado vulnerable region and you should go for strong, impact resistant hinged door to stay safe during the storm.