Repairing a broken staircase

staircase repairing tips, stairsAlways have an eye of the staircase which are older. Because it can be broken anytime. In a broken staircase, better inspect individual stairs thoroughly. Here are some repairing tips for a broken staircase

• If you find problems in one or two stairs, then it is easy to replace the particular stairs. It saves you money and time. Because, replacing a full stairs will end up in expensive and also it consume a lot of time.
• First, remove the stair which is damaged, and remember to remove the nail if any. Inspect beneath for any damages occurred. If it is, then repair the damage.
• Buy the stair which matched your current stair. Check the length and width of stair to fit well in the staircase. If it doesn’t fit properly, then make some adjustments like cutting down the length.
• Now, attach the stair with nail, hammer and glue.