Recycling household leftovers

Recycling, eco initiativesNow-a-days recycling or reusing household remains have increased a lot. People are reusing plastics, glass, paper and other varied items. People reprocess plastic bags which are received from the stores. Those are used in small rubbish cans around the house of the individuals. Plastic stuffs are also reused. Plastic bottles can be used for storing water. Glass jars are recycled to hold screws, pens, pencils, bolts and various other everyday items. In many cases, those are used as containers for storing food items.

Larger jars can be used as attractive containers. Those can be used as vases for keeping flowers. Newspapers can be used for packing glass materials and other porcelains. Empty coffee cans, milk cans can be used for storing cookies, mixtures and other food items. Those can be adorned with paint and material. People can use old socks for dusting and cleaning household items.
People can read this article and get ideas on how to reuse household leftovers.