Pros and cons of mobile storage cabinets

mobile storage cabinets, cabinetsSitting in one area and working from there through out the day is a passé concept these days. More and more people have to run around, not only outside the office, but inside the office as well in order to ensure maximum productivity and getting more work in less time. It is because of this reason that mobile cabinets came into being. These cabinets can be moved around and are basically your traditional file cabinets on wheels!

The biggest advantage of mobile storage cabinets is that well, they are mobile! Instead of running to your desk every time or running to the storage area every time you need a file, you can just have it around you!
The biggest disadvantage however is that these storage cabinets get too heavy with innumerous files. Most of these cabinets are heavy as they are made of steel and they have bases made of wood or plastic, making them wobbly and unsteady, prone to falls.