Pink Passion- Decorate Your Bedroom in Pink

bedroom decor, bedroomIf you’re a teenage girl and you have a passion for pink and you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a makeover, there here are some swell tips to help you do that. By pink, it doesn’t always mean that you have to go electric pink or Barbie pink, warm orange pink or peach pink shades can also look very good in rooms and create a classy feel.

You can go for a nice warm orange pink wall and decorate the rest of the room in normal pastel shades and select the fabrics in various shades of pink. Lace white and pink curtains, an electric pink rug and leopard pink and black or brown print bedcovers can really create that feel. Get artificial pink flowers to decorate the room for the final touch. You should also pay attention to detail. Maybe a pink lampshade or a pink door knob can do the trick.