Pebble up Your Bathroom

Pebble up Your BathroomThe best way to renovate your bathroom or creating a new one is to use the pebbles. They are very natural and unique. They will help to give your bathroom a grand new look that will surely be natural. They also make the interiors of the bathroom very cozy and nice so that you can enjoy every second of the time spent in the bathroom. Some of the best types are:

Pebble textured tiles with frameless door: This is unique in itself. The frameless door for the shower and the pebbled tiles for the walls and the floor can be used. This gives a natural look to the bathroom. To make the interiors contrast, you can use stoned tiles for the shower. The frameless door will not require a metal track. This will help you to give your bathroom an exotic and unique look.

Pebble Stone with other Natural Material: Another interesting way is to mix pebble stones with some other natural material. This will avoid you to have too much of pebble stones in your bathroom. You can combine the pebble stone with any other smoother stone that will give your bathroom a slight rustic look and also a yellowish shade. You can make the area of the shower smooth by using slate tiles. The walls can be made beautiful with pebbles. You can also use slate tiles on the walls and use the pebbles just for the bordering purpose.

Pebbles, Tiles, and Wood: Another classic way to decorate the bathroom is to use a combination of pebble stones and materials like wood. This will provide a rich look to your bathroom. The wood chosen must be water resistance so that it can last for longer time. Some of the woods for this purpose can be redwood, teak and cedar. Sealing must be carefully done so that water does not reach the wood.