Some Trash to Treasure Projects

Our world is a small place, and looking at the way humans are growing in number, it is only getting smaller. Owing to our inherent virtues, we tend to get rid of stuff which no longer proves useful (or entertaining) to us. Thanks to such acts, many landfill spaces are rapidly reaching their top limits and pose a question – what next! A good way, as many studies indicate, is to reuse as much as can be possible. Now, on a domestic scale, one cannot be expected to recycle waste material (except if you count papier mache). But you can still think of using some of the stuff you toss away into the bucket.

Old light bulbs (once parted from their metal support) or tin cans can serve as a miniature flower vase or salt-pepper shakers. Rusted window frames can be converted into elegant picture frames for your focal walls.

Installing Shepherd’s Hook for Your Plants

In the good old days, every household (at least every that was featured in some or the other fairy tale) had a marvelous attached garden (some even had orchards & private estates). As the civilization advanced (both technologically as well as numerically), the prices of real estate properties have shot up, along with the rarity to get a dreamy piece of land. However, people try to adapt to the new scenario, planting species which can survive the urban environment. Another option is to use raised hooks (like Shepherd’s hooks) to support miniature (or even moderately sized) plants.

Decide upon the size & style of hook you wish to install in your garden (depending upon the size of the garden & the weight of the plant at its adult size). You will have to choose a spot which has soil which will easily allow the stakes to be dug in. Once done, you can place your plant over the hook.

Different Kinds of Partition Walls

With the recent advancements in home designing sciences, homemakers today have a horde of virtually countless options to add a themed spice to their houses. From designer cabinets to tribal artifacts, signature bathroom sets to intelligent lighting solutions – the possibilities are endless. If you have a big room in front of you and do not know how to stuff it, you can opt for a division. Now in olden days, this usually involved rising up a load bearing stone-and-brick wall. However, today, a simple partition will do the magic in no time.

Partitions, owing to their portable nature, can be molded to be fitted into rooms of any shape & size. Also, with the new designs coming in every minute, you can find the right style to match your room. You can have a traditional brick, wood or concrete made partition. For classy appeals, go for the glass or stained glass style.

Fixing the Raised Ranches

Modifying your house as per the new trends (or a new theme of your choice) does not just add value to your property but is also an interesting project to work over. Some prefer a change in the layout, many more opt for a modular kitchen set while some go crafting a themed bedroom. A raised ranch house is a similar modification, seen in many standalone houses. It extends the floor, raising up about ten feet, creating extra living space. You can adapt such ranches to meet the new trends.

You can think of upgrading the windows & the sills to the new, energy efficient solutions. You can also go ahead to enhance the appeal or functionality (or both) of your exterior or the roof. Shifting the stair case to a new (less interfering) location is yet another good modification. Add up a patio to the dining room to get set for an occasional comfy dinner.

Using the Rusted Tin

Tin has been used for domestic as well as industrial construction projects since decades. It not only is an economic option but also has its unique classy appeal, not to forget it’s long life and a natural mechanism to fight environmental attacks. Even though you cannot find much of this metal into your new age modular homes, you can certainly think of customizing the appeal yourself by adding some classy tin artifacts.

First, you can purchase old rusted tin from your local flea market or a scrap dealer (for unbelievably low prices). Once done, think & plan of where you wish to deploy these structures. You can design a whole focal wall to match it with the theme of the room. You can also use them on ceilings, in a similar fashion how wood is used for walls or floor decor projects. You can use tin panels to adorn your kitchen or living room cabinets.

Cable Wiring Your Existing House

When one speaks of wiring issues – a home owner would directly make a call to his electric guy. As is a true fact, one does not wish to mess around with the wiring network running across a home, owing to the severe damage it can cause if the job is not correctly accomplished. However, with some good planning skills and the right tools for the job, it is quite easy to set up and manipulate a new or existing cable network within your house.

First, secure a good entry point for the cable. Select the proper room & drill or saw an opening. Fix the cable at the hole & diversify the network with the help of a splitter unit. When extending the connection across rooms you will have to drill holes so as to allow the extension of the cable. Use pieces of dry wall or mud to fill the drilled holes.

Removing the Excess Mortar

One must be very cautious when working with home based projects. Not only does a simple calculation produce a big change in the output, but it may also affect the structure for a lifetime. For instance, using excess mortars in a structure will likely cause an uneven appearance of the structure. Also, if a day or two pass away, the mortar dries up & becomes and cannot be simply plucked (or wet scrubbed) as is the case if the mortar is less than a day old.

You need to collect the necessary tools & useful safety gear. Start chipping the excess mortar from the base of the elongation. You can then start scrubbing the remaining crumpled zone with a scrubber dipped in a solution of masonry cleaner (which primarily contains the muriatic acid). Once done, allow a couple of minutes for settling & rinse thoroughly with clean water. You can repeat the process if needed.

Replacing the Bricks of Your Blaze King Stove

In states (or countries) where cold winds are a usual scene, people have an in-built fireplace to keep their houses warms. Many branded manufacturers offer signature solutions for home-warming purposes. Reputed brands, like Blaze King offer domestic fireplaces and have millions of satisfied customers all over the United States. Over the period of time, however, the bricks start wearing off, crumbling at various edges. Such problems can lead to the loss of heating efficiency of the stove. If you have a Blaze King Stove which shows such a problem, it is time you should replace the old fire bricks.

Make sure you have the necessary tools & safety gear. Start taking off the bricks in rows. Arrange the new bricks in the exact order as had been followed with the earlier ones. Once done, make sure you hammer at the top to align them in a proper level, leaving no empty spaces within.

Different Kinds of Plecos

Nearly every household has their own pets – some have dogs & cats while many prefer species which will not stroll over their carpet. Aquariums have been one of the top five options for those who wish to have a quiet pet. Fishes not only adorn that water tank but their are many who connect them with the Feng Shui element of household luck. Along with the brightly colored tropical varieties, most people prefer to keep snails or sucker fishes to keep the aquarium clean.

Sucker fishes (known as Plecos or zoologically as Hypostomus plecostomus) belong to the Loricariichthys family and are omnivorous freshwater fishes. They can be classified as common Pleco, Bristlenose, Sailfin, Golden Nugget & Otocinclus types, based their appearance. They are natural feeders of algal growth. Though they look all rough and violent, they are in fact, very shy & tend to run away at the first sign of danger.

Repairing Railroad Tie Walls

Many recent advances in the home improvement section have made it possible to transfer your interior or exterior dreams into reality in no time. Also, with the updating studies in ground mechanics, people can have amazing solutions to landscaping problems, which were earlier dealt with using a lot of labor & resources. A tie or retaining wall, for example, is a wall which holds in place a slope or a containment of water & prevents its seepage (or escape). Such a wall often has a lot of load to carry & since needs to have a good foundation. In case any of the railroad spikes start wearing or rotting off (as they do after a considerable amount of time), you should fix them on an urgent note.

Take help from your friends. Once your uproot the rotten section, fill in with the replacement using the exact size of replacement piece. Place it at an angle as will be supported by the structure.