Open verses closed storage: which is a better choice?

Storage options, closed storageStorage is a very important part in the factories. It is very important for keeping the products of an industry in protected fashion. The inventory and the stock have to be kept safe so that they can be used for further production. It will not be over statement to say that a company may depend fully on the condition of the storage of the products. Now, a company may choose between systems of open storage of closed storage.

There are benefits of both kinds of storage. If the stock is kept in an open storage condition, it can be very easy to get access to the stock at the time of am emergency requirement. However, a lot of problems including theft and misappropriation of the stock may take place with this system. Closed system can be very wise for keeping the stock completely safe but a lot of security process has to be gone through in order to get access to the stock. A person has to have authorization, each time he has to reach the stock.