Mansard Roofing

Mansard roofYou can also call mansard roof as French roof. It is a type of hip roof. Mansard roof has two slopes on all its four sides. The lower slope is very much steep just like a vertical wall while the upper slope is very much high. It is not visible from the ground and it is pitched at the lowest to shed the water and prevent from leaking. The formation of mansard roofing is very simple and easy. It does not have any complex structure and hence it is good saver of time and money both.

In mansard roofing, dormers are usually set. They main source which adds beauty to the mansard roofing is dormers window. It is very useful also as it gives much of the interior space to use as dormers along with the open framing doubles the slope and gives much space. The spacing available in this mansard roofing is generally not available in other types of roofing. Mansard roofs are considered to be very useful and practical as they allow so much of space in the attic that it can be used as a room. For this reason only this roofing is very common and prevalent among people.

Mansard roof not only offers wider space but it also gives your house an appealing look. Thus along with wider space you also get beauty to charm your house. This style of roofing is there since centuries and still it continues very well.

Now coming to the costing of mansard roofing, it is relatively expensive. The reason behind it being expensive is that it involves detailed work and additional features. Compared to others, its costing sets high because of addit6ional window opening and elegant architecture. The name mansard roof evolved from the name of the Francois mansard. This architect used double sloped roofs for the first time and that too in a very extensive manner that it derived the name of the architect himself.


Mansard roofs are best for those who are in favor of additional living space. The space can be used as full attic or living quarters which is popularly known as garret. There are two forms of mansard roofing. Either you can opt for open or you can even go for closed to add up a extra delight to your home.

Mansard roofs are just more than perfect who wants flexibility to add up something in the future. While constructing for the first time it may possible you are short of funds and thus by going of mansard roof you can save money. And on a later date whenever you want a change or any additions and you have funds to support your additions you can go for it. Thus it can be changed according to the time and circumstances and demand.


It is not suitable areas which have heavy snowfall. The costing also sets higher as compared to other types due to its added beauty. But it adds up by elegant extra beauty.

Suggested materials

Mansard is an extraordinary roofing thus if the material to be used is also unique it adds up to its elegancy. Thus you can go for copper or zinc for less maintenance but it can cost a little bit more. But it also offers high durability.