Making a Birch Knapsack

For years, adventure travel has been a plot in many children’s classics as well as mature novels. Stories would depict young children, teenagers or even elders packing their stuff in a handkerchief, tie it to the end of a big birch branch and start their thrilling (often magical) voyage. With the advancement of the civilization, new age adventure & travel gear has replaced the old knapsack, which remains confined to the pages of classic collectibles.

However, it is still a nice idea to make your own birch knapsack, just to tell your kids how fascinating life was in the good old days. Take a big handkerchief & lay it flat on the ground. Assemble the stuff you want to pack & sort it according to its size & use. Once packed, you can roll it up. Make sure you stick the branch between the first & second knot. Once done, you are all set to relive the past.