Maintenance tips on bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is on high demand these days thanks to its eco-friendly features. The bamboo plant takes just 2-3 years to re-grow while it takes almost 2 decades for a hardwood tree. Besides, bamboo flooring ensures easy installation and looks really stylish with any theme of décor, be it vintage or contemporary. However, you should know that bamboo flooring needs good maintenance to preserve its longevity over the years. The article here shares some tips highlighting on how to maintain your bamboo flooring effectively.

To start with, bamboo flooring demands regular cleaning. You have to opt for a fine bristled brush here that would be gentle on the floor. Remember dust, dirt and sand particles are really harmful for the bamboo surface as these can leave on unsightly scratches on the flooring. It’s also advised to use vacuum cleaner on bamboo flooring so that you can reach out to every corner of the floor. You have to be very careful with water on bamboo flooring as prolonged water retention on the bamboo surface can be hugely damaging for the floor. Use damp cloth to mop the floor and dry it immediately so that water does not get to sit there for long.

Then, you have to be very careful with the furnishing on the floor surface as well. Never drag the chairs or tables on the floor surface while shifting them from one place to another. It’s advised that lift them up while moving. Dragging will result in dents and scratches on the floor surface. It’s good if you can arrange for padding under the heavy dining table you have placed on the bamboo floor. Besides, always ask your guests to leave their shoes while stepping on the floor. Shoes, especially those with high heels can create unwanted scratches on the bamboo surface.