Learn to reglaze your ceramic tiles

If you love your ceramic tiles and desire to keep it anew here are some excellent tips. First of all, clean up your tiles completely with a solution of soapy water and make sure scrub the surface. You can utilize a good bristle brush so that you can scrub out from the corners and crevices. Then, rinse it thoroughly and check there is no residue behind.

Now, use acetone on your tiles which will neutralize all the additional grime from your tile surface. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Then use some silicone digester plus a putty knife or a scraper for removing every trace of caulk or silicone. Follow it with a complete rinsing and cleaning. The next step is to mask off the entire room with a plastic sheet and remove the acid traces with solvent degreaser.

Now, apply 2-3 coats of primer on the tile followed by 12 light coats of the paint. It would take some time to dry and this coating of acrylic urethane would work to bring back the lost glaze of your tiles.