Iron spiral staircase designs

Iron spiral staircase, stairsYou can fix beautiful spiral staircase in your homes to give it a classy look. You can use wrought iron for it as it is soft and can be molded in any shapes you want. There are various designs that you can apply like the Roman way or the Victorian way or the Tuscan way. You can use straight bars or curvy bars for your stair. The design of your house, the furniture must complement with the design of the staircase.

You can use various colors for the staircase. You can use contrasting colors like yellow and black, or white and purple for your staircase. You can use stands for stair which gives it a royal look. You can use double spirals or triple spirals for your staircase which will add to the beauty of your house. You can place the stair case in your house or outside your house. You can also color the stairs according to the paint of your house and the rooms. Make sure you use wrought iron for the stairs.