Installing Shepherd’s Hook for Your Plants

In the good old days, every household (at least every that was featured in some or the other fairy tale) had a marvelous attached garden (some even had orchards & private estates). As the civilization advanced (both technologically as well as numerically), the prices of real estate properties have shot up, along with the rarity to get a dreamy piece of land. However, people try to adapt to the new scenario, planting species which can survive the urban environment. Another option is to use raised hooks (like Shepherd’s hooks) to support miniature (or even moderately sized) plants.

Decide upon the size & style of hook you wish to install in your garden (depending upon the size of the garden & the weight of the plant at its adult size). You will have to choose a spot which has soil which will easily allow the stakes to be dug in. Once done, you can place your plant over the hook.