How to give your home a rustic décor

Are you planning to give your house a rustic look? Then we have some good ideas for you. The rustic look will give a modern touch to your room. For this, you can paint your house with earthy colors like grey; brown, green etc. you can use different textures and fabrics to paint your walls. Make sure that you do not overdo it otherwise it will hamper the show. You can use hardwood for the flooring which will give your room a rustic look. You can even put in rugs or you can also have a forestry theme.

You can always go for wrought iron furniture or even you can paint your old furniture with rusty tones. You can mix in with blunt light decorative and rusty table lamps. You can opt for chandeliers which will make your room look brighter. You can add some artistic quotient by putting some antiques into your room. Thus the rustic look will make your home more appealing.