How can you make a small home appear larger

Size clearly did not matter to you when you bought your new house but are thinking of ways in which you can make it appear larger so that your guests can’t actually guess the real size of your house? There are some basic tips that are extremely easy to follow which will make your house look spacious.

Here are a few of those tips-

1)     Use light and bright colors to paint the walls of your house. Dark colors will make the rooms look small and block the eye.

2)     When painting the top wall, always use white. It gives your house that virtual height you have always wanted.

3)     Make sure that your house is not over crowded with unnecessary furniture. Use space saving pieces with huge storing capacity.

4)     Install large windows in your house that let in lot of fresh air and natural light. This will definitely make your house look spacious and larger than what it usually is.