Homemade Candles Having Mop Head Wicks

Everyone has a creative line to their cloud, which is generally washed out into their boring daily routines. To escape from the game, people often resort to hobbies – some go for adventure treks, some drown in books, many start collecting antiques and so on. Candle making is yet another rewarding hobby – not just because you save the big bucks on designer candles but the fact that your free time can be invested in making artistic wax masterpieces.

First, you need to buy the right amount & type of wax. A mixture of natural & paraffin wax suits a vast array of applications. You can also try collecting the left over wax from old candles. Ready to use plaited mop wicks are available or you can roll some on your own. Heat the wax in a pan & add it to your mold. Insert the wick & wait for the wax to cool down.