Handy tips on blind cleaning

blind cleaningBlinds are beautiful window embellishments extremely popular today. Have you too got your windows adorned by the beautiful blinds? Well, blinds are a sure-shot beauty no doubt but you must take care to clean them regularly as dirty blinds can hamper the overall beauty of your room. Blind cleaning is easy and here are some handy tips that will enable you to retain your blinds anew.

The most convenient thing is to use your good old feather duster for the cleaning task. You don’t have to rub the duster everyday- in fact, a thorough dusting once in the weekends would certainly suffice. A weekly dusting would prevent the backbreaking cleaning work later.

If you have narrow blinds, get hold of your old socks and a long ruler. Wrap the ruler with the sock and insert them in between the narrow slats for an effective cleaning. This sock & ruler cleaning would be especially helpful if you have got fragile metal blinds at home.

If you are going to have guests at home and you haven’t dusted the blinds for long, count on your hands and the old sock again. This time wrap the sock around your fingers and rub in between the blind slats. A feather dusting won’t be able to offer effective results if you haven’t dusted the slats for long. While cleaning the dirty blinds, lay a paper sheet under the blinds so that the dirt from the slat gets accumulated in a definite space & does not get to scatter all over the floor.

If your windows are too tall and you don’t get to reach out to the blinds easily, trust on the brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner. A weekly vacuum cleaning is common in almost every home and utilize the same routine to get your blinds cleaned.