Handy Housekeeping tips

house keepingHandy housekeeping tips

If there is one phrase which strikes more fear into the heart of the average woman than ‘house cleaning’ it is ‘housekeeping’.

Alright, we know plenty of men do it too and likely they are not such huge fans of it either. However, the fact is that it has to be done and the more easily, the better.

Housekeeping versus house cleaning

Just what you want; a little lecture on how these two delights differ. It is only because knowing just how they do helps in organisation which is key to getting both done as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

So what separates them is that while house cleaning is done on a fairly regular basis, housekeeping is not but is equally important to household management. Cleaning is dusting the top of the curtains every week.  Housekeeping is taking them down and washing them!

Cleaning is brushing out the hearth; housekeeping is getting the chimney cleaner in!

Let’s look at some tips for best housekeeping which don’t mean drudgery.

Be organised

Having a plan is half of the battle. Write up a rota for the big and small housekeeping tasks and keep on top of it. For example, putting bleach in the toilets is a daily task but deep cleaning the carpets is a twice-a-year job.

Also, make sure that all of your housekeeping paraphernalia is kept in a place you will remember. Ceiling brooms, polishes, special detergents and the toothbrush which cleans the intricate bits of silver all need to be kept in a safe place.

Call in the experts

Be kind to yourself; assess what you can reasonably do yourself and what you need to get professional help for. Cleaning out the dishwasher is likely something you can manage yourself but maybe you would prefer to hire someone to clean the carpets.

Polishing the silver is a manageable task but what about taking the curtains to the dry-cleaners? Decide what you can manage and are willing to spend time on and what you would rather hand over to professional hands.

Be safe

If a housekeeping job involves going up a ladder, don’t risk doing it alone. It’s easy to think accidents only happen to other people … until they happen to you that is!

An example is removing ceiling light fittings for cleaning. Do this with another person for your own safety and to avoid any smashed fittings or injured bodies.