Giving an antique look to your kitchen pantry

 kitchen pantry, home decorGiving your pantry an antique look isn’t much of a difficult task, rather an enjoyable one too. As you decorate or redo your pantry keep an eye open for the colors that you choose. If you have antique in your mind, then it is better to stick with warm, earthy hues. For the lighting, you could pick from wrought iron lights or any metal that has a matte and muted shade.

Accessorize your pantry with wooden bowls that have been painted upon, try mixing these bowls with some painted potteries and you would have to give an extra effort to tear yourself away from that pantry of yours. You could also fish out chunky wooden storage cupboards to add to the ambience of your pantry. Similar to the shades that we used for lighting, you can use muted metal décor items too. These items can be easily found in antique shops or you can buy them new as well.