Getting your oriental rugs repaired

Maintenance of rugs, rugsOriental, Tibetan and Turkish rugs have their own appeal. They are exotic and are very intricately made. Woven with care and skill, these rugs have been used by royalties for centuries. They now have made their way into our homes. These oriental rugs have their own method of making and they have the tendency to glorify and change a drab room into a gorgeous one in no time.

Taking care of these rugs is very important. They are made of delicate material and are more prone to wear and tear than other rugs. You might find that they get torn or rugged in a short time. But the good news is that many states have small Oriental rug repair and cleaning shops in every other block. They know the best way to repair such rugs. A small nip and tuck can be handled at home but be careful as you have to sew via special knotting techniques for such rugs. If you’re not experienced, leave it up to the professionals to handle it.