General Masonry Ideas

Masonry Ideas, home decorMasonry is one of the oldest building construction methods involving two components, concrete and brick. The art of masonry is centuries old and is done with brick, mortar, stone and tiles mainly. It needs better skills than an average construction worker and training. Generally masonry ideas are used in modern homes for laying brick or stone walls, a feature inside the house or garden and also driveway pavements and other decorative constructions.


Because of its strong foundation and use of sturdy materials, masonry works are naturally resistant to infestations of molds and termites. Masonry walls are fire deterrents too. This is a huge plus point considering the safety aspects of a construction. Old monuments and castles bear the signature of ancient masonry whereas people now use masonry ark architecture with natural stones and sometimes veneer to add a totally different look to an otherwise usual looking building and walls.