Friendship Rug Bracelets! DIY!

Everyone cherishes the memoirs of their high school & college days. After graduation, friends part and leave for their destined career paths. Their is an exchange of occasional mementos – picture frames, watches and so on. Yet, a custom friendship bracelet does not match the emotion of these ready-to-deploy artifacts. A self made bracelet from remnants of a rag rug will serve as a perfect presentation for your friends, with whom you have spent some of the best days of your life.

Collect (i.e. cut) at least six strips from different rugs & arrange them together. Fold in half and make a double loop to secure a knot. Use a clipboard to immobilize the strings so that you can do the weaving job. Follow a series of backward & forward knots to establish a nice texture. Complete the end with another knot. Once done, check the knots once again & wear your friendship bracelet.