Flooring options for homes with weak foundation

FlooringHas your house aged and is suffering from foundation problems at the moment? Well, foundations of homes do become weaker with time and there is nothing much that you can really do about it. However, if the weakened foundation has caused cracks on your floor and you want to get new flooring, you must know which flooring will work the best, given the foundation issues.

For the flooring you can opt for the basement ceramic tiles. They do not need a sub floor and they are very dense. So, if a tile cracks or chips, you can replace it very easily. These tiles come in different patterns, textures and hues; however the ones with rustic styles are the most popular. You can also decide on laminate flooring. If you choose laminate flooring, you will have the advantage of choosing the type of assembly as well. Epoxy concrete floor paint is also a good flooring option for homes with weak foundation.