DIY cupboard door installation

cupboard door , DIY tipsWe all have cupboards in our house. They are present in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the storeroom and possibly in every room at times. Cupboards are over used, opened and shut several times in a day and therefore there are times when your cupboard gives away, the door falling off or becoming loose at the hinges most of the times.

Here is a do it yourself way by which you can install your cupboard door:

• Get hold of a good set of screw drivers and a hammer. Small nails will also be required.
• If the previous hinges have given away then new set of hinges will be required as well.
• Position the new hinges where the previous one was placed and set it in place with the help of nails and a hammer.
• The other side the hinges is fixed to the door the same way, only that you might need someone to hold the door for you while you do so.