Decoration of the Roaring Twenties

Though many house owners like to play it in the new age league, there are still many genuine souls who like to paint their home decor to make it look like a paused old classic fairytale. The twenties came along with some memoirs which have left an impression even to the new age. The decade came along with important inventions in the field of technology, science & medicine. If you wish to remodel your house based on the twenties theme, there are some things which you need to be aware of at every step.

One of the many additions can include brass or bronze fixtures coupled with Persian carpets& Tiffany styled lamps. Though this sounds uninviting, the walls need to be left empty as much as possible, since the era did so. Polished wood or marble flooring, though a costly alternative, will match the theme perfectly, provided it is matched well with the rug & drapery.