Decorating Your Alpine or Rustic Chic

Though advancements have lured humans away to the technological wonders, some of the best things in the world are still lying under the natural domain. As against the modular chic homes, many people still prefer the comfy feeling of an Alpine chic. If decorated properly, this place can serve as the perfect mountain getaway & can offer you a lazy comfort, even during the harshest weather conditions. One can also add a few new age elements, just to keep the cabin ready for an occasional complaining guest.

Make sure you have rugs which match the theme (like natural floral or animal prints). You can buy bulky rugs – these go perfect with the wooden background. Do not add fancy colors, instead go for mild shades like beige. You can decorate the walls with nature oriented picture frames. You can experiment with some out of the box lighting ideas, since you can do a lot on a wooden canvas.