Closing the Throw Pillows

With the endless home decor ideas pouring it from every end (websites, home improvement books, family & friends, over enthusiastic neighbors and so on), homemakers are bound to get confused as to where to begin. It is a good practice to begin where it is needed the most – for example, how about beginning with your living room. Changing your pillows, or better yet, making your own couple of throw pillows is an easy yet entertaining project. Also, you need not be a master or seams to fluff up your own cushion.

Once you are ready with the base pieces, turn them inside out & sew them throughout the border, leaving a small space for the filling. Once done, turn the pillow the right way & start stuffing the filling. Allow a small margin for the closing stitches. It is necessary to make the closing stitches wisely, so as not to show off the line.