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How to do up a contemporary dining room

contemporary dining room,FurnishingsThe conventional idea is that the walls of a small space should be coated with a shade of white in order to make it look larger than it actually is. This idea is quite outdated as small rooms that have walls painted white look boring and dingy. You should choose such a color that would be complementary to the furniture of the room. You should get the walls painted with colors that will generate warmth and add to the look of the dining room.

Nice furniture with glass covered shelves carrying the crockery would go very nice by a large table with comfortable chairs. Try to put nice light fixtures to create a comfortable and a cozy atmosphere for your dining room. You could arrange flowers over the dining table in order to get the warm welcoming feel. The dining room is a place where the family can reunite so keep in mind that the place has to be tidy and clean so that everyone can have a good time with each other.

Friendship Rug Bracelets! DIY!

Everyone cherishes the memoirs of their high school & college days. After graduation, friends part and leave for their destined career paths. Their is an exchange of occasional mementos – picture frames, watches and so on. Yet, a custom friendship bracelet does not match the emotion of these ready-to-deploy artifacts. A self made bracelet from remnants of a rag rug will serve as a perfect presentation for your friends, with whom you have spent some of the best days of your life.

Collect (i.e. cut) at least six strips from different rugs & arrange them together. Fold in half and make a double loop to secure a knot. Use a clipboard to immobilize the strings so that you can do the weaving job. Follow a series of backward & forward knots to establish a nice texture. Complete the end with another knot. Once done, check the knots once again & wear your friendship bracelet.

Flattening the Rolled Stored Rug

Nowadays, every aspect of a house is thoroughly checked by homemakers, so as to keep up with the designer trends. From coffee tables to rugs, wardrobes to focal walls, from sinks to bathtubs – they want everything to be perfect to the lowest point visible to human eyes. A rug is often the first impression of your living room (no one looks upwards first) and hence you need to take special measures while selecting one. It is a general practice of rug makers to roll the rugs during their journey from the ware house to your floor. During this journey, the rug fibers get used to the roll & tend to stay that way even when you unfold it.

Do not roll the rug the other way round as you do for a set of rolled papers. This might cause trouble. Use heavy furniture or an iron to deal with the rolls.

Decorating by Using Floral Couch and Rugs

Though a flower glides more into the feminine section, it has been an undaunted inclusion in design patterns, presentation articles & cloth prints. Today, even with the advancement of modern art, floral pattern still remains at the top – rather, with the inception of creative masterpieces, there has been a substantial increase in the design styles embedding floral elements. However, I do not wish to say that simply stuffing floral printed objects in your living room will create the fragrant aura automatically. You need to take care how you blend the objects & patterns together into an appealing output.

Study the blend of hues you wish to have for your room. Do not mix antagonistic themes. Choose opposing color schemes (one strong if the other is mild) for your rug & couch (and the accessories like coffee table, pillows, etc.) . Make sure the combination blends well against the color & theme of your room.

Making a Birch Knapsack

For years, adventure travel has been a plot in many children’s classics as well as mature novels. Stories would depict young children, teenagers or even elders packing their stuff in a handkerchief, tie it to the end of a big birch branch and start their thrilling (often magical) voyage. With the advancement of the civilization, new age adventure & travel gear has replaced the old knapsack, which remains confined to the pages of classic collectibles.

However, it is still a nice idea to make your own birch knapsack, just to tell your kids how fascinating life was in the good old days. Take a big handkerchief & lay it flat on the ground. Assemble the stuff you want to pack & sort it according to its size & use. Once packed, you can roll it up. Make sure you stick the branch between the first & second knot. Once done, you are all set to relive the past.

Closing the Throw Pillows

With the endless home decor ideas pouring it from every end (websites, home improvement books, family & friends, over enthusiastic neighbors and so on), homemakers are bound to get confused as to where to begin. It is a good practice to begin where it is needed the most – for example, how about beginning with your living room. Changing your pillows, or better yet, making your own couple of throw pillows is an easy yet entertaining project. Also, you need not be a master or seams to fluff up your own cushion.

Once you are ready with the base pieces, turn them inside out & sew them throughout the border, leaving a small space for the filling. Once done, turn the pillow the right way & start stuffing the filling. Allow a small margin for the closing stitches. It is necessary to make the closing stitches wisely, so as not to show off the line.

Using Vintage Linens

Looking at the way our landfills are filling up to the brim, one must give a sincere thought to reusing old & wearing off articles. Not only does it help the noble cause but with the endless creative solutions coming up, they add to the overall appeal of your house. Linens are often thrown away (especially those from Grandma’s age) once they start showing signs of wear, tear & stains. However, with some preliminary treatments, they can be replenished once again (for the same or a different deployment).

Make sure you wash your linen the right way. Opt for a mild detergent (& soft wash cycle) since harsh chemicals can deteriorate your linen even before its natural age would. You can use a collage of old linens to brighten up a wall in your guest room. You can also flaunt them with your curtains. With some designer stitching, they can be converted into appealing quilts.