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7 Advantages of Laminate Flooring

Laminate FlooringLaminate flooring is indeed a very beautiful turn out in the field of flooring. Many of the people consider it to be super material due to its astonishing features like easy maintenance, versatility, good pricing and many more. Laminate flooring also offers superb finishing, durability and long lasting. Here are some of the advantages you need to know about laminate flooring.

  • Convenient packaging

When we talk about natural hardwood flooring, it is available in planks which are 8 or 10 feet in length and many of the time it is even more than it. On contrary, laminate flooring planks are available in standard 4 feet strips. Laminate flooring is also available in tile form in different sizes.

  • Versatility

Laminate flooring has a capacity to enhance looks of many of the different natural hardwood materials. The process of printing has the capacity to reproduce the looks of the variety of natural stone and ceramic flooring materials. They are even able to reproduce the surface texture of the natural materials if it is EIR embossed in register texturing.

  • Cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance process of laminate flooring is easy. This material is protected from stains and spills by the by the wear layer of laminate flooring. The only thing you need to do is regular sweeping or vacuuming of the floor so that the dirt and dust is removed which can gradually corrode the wear layer of your laminate flooring.

  • Installation

You would be glad to know that the installation process of laminate flooring is so easy that you can even do it yourself. It is so easy and simple to install laminate flooring. With the invention of new innovations in the manufacturing of this material, you don’t even need to use adhesive. This process starts with rolling down a sheet of underlayment material and then breaking the planks or tiles of the floor into one another. This process is so quick that it is finished just in a day or two.

  • Goes anywhere

Laminate flooring is so flexible that it can be installed in almost any existing floor in the home. The only exception to it is carpet. It can also be installed at any place if water prevention measures are taken and moisture barrier is in place. It is very beneficial as here you don’t need to remove the old flooring before installing laminate flooring. Thus it also reduces expense.

  • Elements

One of the advantages of the laminate flooring is that it is resistant to those agents which discolor the other flooring materials. It is considered as the great material for entryways and hallways as the wear layer of laminate flooring protects the home from stains and dirt which is generally seen due to dust and mud. It is also very famous for sun rooms as it also protects from UV light exposure.

  • Health

The one flooring you get which is naturally bacteria and mold resistant is laminate flooring. To make laminate flooring even safer, you can make coatings of anti-bacteria and allergy resistance.

Maintenance tips on bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringBamboo flooring is on high demand these days thanks to its eco-friendly features. The bamboo plant takes just 2-3 years to re-grow while it takes almost 2 decades for a hardwood tree. Besides, bamboo flooring ensures easy installation and looks really stylish with any theme of décor, be it vintage or contemporary. However, you should know that bamboo flooring needs good maintenance to preserve its longevity over the years. The article here shares some tips highlighting on how to maintain your bamboo flooring effectively.

To start with, bamboo flooring demands regular cleaning. You have to opt for a fine bristled brush here that would be gentle on the floor. Remember dust, dirt and sand particles are really harmful for the bamboo surface as these can leave on unsightly scratches on the flooring. It’s also advised to use vacuum cleaner on bamboo flooring so that you can reach out to every corner of the floor. You have to be very careful with water on bamboo flooring as prolonged water retention on the bamboo surface can be hugely damaging for the floor. Use damp cloth to mop the floor and dry it immediately so that water does not get to sit there for long.

Then, you have to be very careful with the furnishing on the floor surface as well. Never drag the chairs or tables on the floor surface while shifting them from one place to another. It’s advised that lift them up while moving. Dragging will result in dents and scratches on the floor surface. It’s good if you can arrange for padding under the heavy dining table you have placed on the bamboo floor. Besides, always ask your guests to leave their shoes while stepping on the floor. Shoes, especially those with high heels can create unwanted scratches on the bamboo surface.

Flooring options for homes with weak foundation

FlooringHas your house aged and is suffering from foundation problems at the moment? Well, foundations of homes do become weaker with time and there is nothing much that you can really do about it. However, if the weakened foundation has caused cracks on your floor and you want to get new flooring, you must know which flooring will work the best, given the foundation issues.

For the flooring you can opt for the basement ceramic tiles. They do not need a sub floor and they are very dense. So, if a tile cracks or chips, you can replace it very easily. These tiles come in different patterns, textures and hues; however the ones with rustic styles are the most popular. You can also decide on laminate flooring. If you choose laminate flooring, you will have the advantage of choosing the type of assembly as well. Epoxy concrete floor paint is also a good flooring option for homes with weak foundation.

Flooring your bathroom for added glamour

bathroom flooring, flooringIf you are planning to renovate the floor of your living room and bedroom then why not plan to change the floor of the bathroom too? There are various flooring options that are available for a bathroom and you will be surprised to see the low price at which they can be bought. In the early days people thought that a carpet would be the best for a bathroom floor but that normally lead to the growth of bacteria and moles and therefore it was discarded later.

Using tiles for the bathroom is the best option that is available today. They come in various shapes and sizes and there are a wide range of designs that you can choose from. Many people also prefer to have a certain pattern so that it matches the tiles they have in the other rooms. Tiles are also helpful in keeping any kind of moles away from the bathroom floor.

Adding New Flooring on Top of Cracked Foundations

There are dozens of problems associated with every project pertaining to the home improvement section. One must take care so as to either avoid or overcome them so as to attain a good output. Working over the flooring is one such issue. One can have endless varieties of themes to achieve from such projects, especially with the new creative designs hitting the market. However, if your concrete foundation is not able to support it, the work goes down the drain. Cracked foundations, though not such a big talk, should be tackled with in time.

Carefully remove the old flooring. Fill the cracked regions with good concrete mix with the aid of a trowel. Cover the surface with a moisture barrier layer. Start laying the floor boards uniformly. You might need to cut the boards near the walls. Do not forget to lock every tile neatly. Once done, cover the sides using a floor trim.