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Pebble up Your Bathroom

Pebble up Your BathroomThe best way to renovate your bathroom or creating a new one is to use the pebbles. They are very natural and unique. They will help to give your bathroom a grand new look that will surely be natural. They also make the interiors of the bathroom very cozy and nice so that you can enjoy every second of the time spent in the bathroom. Some of the best types are:

Pebble textured tiles with frameless door: This is unique in itself. The frameless door for the shower and the pebbled tiles for the walls and the floor can be used. This gives a natural look to the bathroom. To make the interiors contrast, you can use stoned tiles for the shower. The frameless door will not require a metal track. This will help you to give your bathroom an exotic and unique look.

Pebble Stone with other Natural Material: Another interesting way is to mix pebble stones with some other natural material. This will avoid you to have too much of pebble stones in your bathroom. You can combine the pebble stone with any other smoother stone that will give your bathroom a slight rustic look and also a yellowish shade. You can make the area of the shower smooth by using slate tiles. The walls can be made beautiful with pebbles. You can also use slate tiles on the walls and use the pebbles just for the bordering purpose.

Pebbles, Tiles, and Wood: Another classic way to decorate the bathroom is to use a combination of pebble stones and materials like wood. This will provide a rich look to your bathroom. The wood chosen must be water resistance so that it can last for longer time. Some of the woods for this purpose can be redwood, teak and cedar. Sealing must be carefully done so that water does not reach the wood.

Unique themes for bathroom décor

bathroom décorAsk yourself where you spend the most relaxing part of your day. The answer in all likelihood will be your bathroom. A hot bubble bath in your bathroom after a tiring day at work is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing experiences ever. You pamper yourself the most when you are in your bathroom. So, since the bathroom plays such an integral part in your life it is important that your design and decorate your bathroom beautifully. To make your bathroom look beautiful and stunning you can use some very unique ideas? Do you want to know about them? Read on.

If you love the nature then you can decorate your bathroom juts like a garden. Bring the nature inside with a bathroom that looks like a visual garden is a truly different and welcomed idea. For this, you can paint grass and garden flowers on the walls of your bathroom. If you do not want to paint on the wall then you can use wallpapers with flowers and gardens on them in the bathroom. However, if you think that wallpapers are commonplace then choose garden pastel hues for the bathroom walls and colorful blossoms for the ceilings. On the windows as well as the shower doors on the bathroom you can add some flowers clings; vegetables clings will work equally well. You can purchase some small sized flower pots and use them to keep all your toiletries.

If you have always interested in the sea, then the marine time theme might work very well for your bathroom. Marine design works complete bathrooms very well and you can never go wrong with this theme. On the walls of the bathroom you can have murals of turtles and dolphins. You should also get some ocean beach towels and shell curtains for your bathroom. 

Choosing The Right Plumber For Your Bathroom

Plumbing, bathroom careMany people are competent enough to handle the small leaks and repairs in the bathroom. But at times if some major repair is required then the best option that the people have is to hire a reliable plumber. Thus here are certain tips for selecting the right plumber for your bathroom.

Since plumbing is a very important work you should hire only those plumbers that have years of experience in plumbing. Do not hire someone before proper research. Ask your friends and relatives if there are some plumbers whom they trust. Check whether the plumber you select has a good reputation in the market or not. Choose the plumber that has strong recommendation and positive reviews.

Ensure that the fees charged for the plumbing services are reasonable. If the plumber you choose represents some plumbing company then check whether it has a license or not. Also make sure that the plumber is punctual.

Tips to pick countertops for bathroom

Bathroom countertops, bathroom decorEvery house owner wants their home to look the most beautiful and attractive. To ensure this you have to take care of every minute details of your house. The bathroom is a very important place of your home and you will definitely want to give an elegant look to your bathroom. There are many ways in which you can make your bathroom look elegant. There are many bathroom accessories available in the market, but you need to choose the correct accessory carefully.
The counter tops add an extra bit of beauty to your bathroom. They not only make your wash place look beautiful, but also provide an extra space for storing things. To get the right type of counter tops, you need to go to the correct place.

Though wooden counter top are available, but using wood as a material is not a wise decision since exposure to water and moisture can cause damage to the wood. You can use acrylic counter tops, but then you have to be careful about that as any stains or scratch can hamper the beauty of the countertop.

Slate tiles for shower: why is it a good pick?

There are quite a few reasons why people tend to pick natural stones for their bathroom floors, especially the shower region. Slate is one of the most popular natural stones used for shower tiles. Its aesthetic value is one of the prime reasons for it being so popular. The unique designs and colors which slate tiles offer are spectacular to look at when installed in the shower.

Durability is one factor which people think about while buying anything for their home décor. Slate is a strong and durable natural stone and does get damages easily even if the bathroom has heavy traffic. Slate tiles will not require replacement until and unless you decide to change the look of your shower area with another design tiles. Another good thing about slate tiles is that they are safe because it is slip resistant. The price of slate tiles is quite affordable too.

How can you pick the perfect bathroom rug?

A bathroom rug plays an equal role in the décor of the bathroom as does the fittings, floorings, etc. You need to carefully choose a bathroom rug which enhances the look of the bathroom. The main objective of the rug should be to enhance the calmness and relaxed feeling of the bathroom as it is the place where we get ourselves cleaned and loosened up.


The material for the rug must be chosen properly because rugs not only enhance the bathroom’s look, they also provide safeness by ensuring that you do not slip in the bathroom. If you are following a particular theme for your bathroom décor, follow the same lines while opting for the bathroom rug. Do a bit of thinking regarding the size, shape and color of the rug before you head towards the market to buy one. The price of rugs varies, so choose the one which would not hurt your pockets.

Tap Options for Your Modern Bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom with a new tap design? Then, there are many types and designs of taps that are available. You can choose your own shape and design according to the style and interior of the bathroom. If you want to give your bathroom a classy look then you should go for antique French taps. Nowadays even the original Edwardian taps are also available in the market which gives your bathroom a new and different style.

If you want that your bathroom should look like a modern bathroom then you should go for Art Deco taps. These taps are very convenient in installing in the bathroom. You should always be very careful that your tap should always match with other interior of the bathroom. Even there are taps available with one and two sprouts and with one or two handle. So, go for the style that you think will suit your bathroom the most.

Replacing Your Older Shower Grab Bars

Though a shower seems to be one of the few ignored places when it comes to home decor, it still needs a considerable attention. Owing to the high levels of moisture to which the bathroom is subjected, one needs to take care of every element in this room. Special measures need to be taken if you have an elderly person or children in the house who share the same shower. Many people install grab bars in their showers so that old people can hold on to it and are prevented from a fall. These bars, though robuts, tend to wear after a certain time at which they need to be replaced.

Since the bars are well drilled into the wall, one should unscrew the bar & the mounting from the wall. Use silicone caulk to fill the created holes. Mark a new place for your new grab bar. Screw the bracket & then attach your grab bar.