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Learn to reglaze your ceramic tiles

If you love your ceramic tiles and desire to keep it anew here are some excellent tips. First of all, clean up your tiles completely with a solution of soapy water and make sure scrub the surface. You can utilize a good bristle brush so that you can scrub out from the corners and crevices. Then, rinse it thoroughly and check there is no residue behind.

Now, use acetone on your tiles which will neutralize all the additional grime from your tile surface. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Then use some silicone digester plus a putty knife or a scraper for removing every trace of caulk or silicone. Follow it with a complete rinsing and cleaning. The next step is to mask off the entire room with a plastic sheet and remove the acid traces with solvent degreaser.

Now, apply 2-3 coats of primer on the tile followed by 12 light coats of the paint. It would take some time to dry and this coating of acrylic urethane would work to bring back the lost glaze of your tiles.

Decorating with candles

Dinning without candles is like party without booze, because the candles set an instant intimate mood that is quite required during a meal. Not only at the dining tables, candles should be anywhere and everywhere as it is a potential decorating feature that many ignore since they are not aware of the beauty it adds to the already decorated house. First of all, you got to avoid using scented candles, especially at meals as some people find it allergic.

You can place the candle lights at different angles in a room by just being random, this will add to the beauty of the room. The fact is, almost anything can be a candle holder – hence you don’t have to worry about investing on separate candle holders from the store. Now at places where you can’t have a candle or candles, use mirrors to reflect or redirect the light rays and suddenly you have an underground cave from the medieval period.

French bedding explained

There’s hardly anything romantic than the French style décor, especially the French bedroom designs. Take any leaf out of their book of designs and you’ll find that it concentrates more on the addition of romance as well as sophistication than anything else. If you’re really fed-up with the old design of your bedroom and would like to redo the decoration using the French traditions, follow the below steps in order to make it exotic.

The one thing that gives your bedroom a unique look is a rococo style bed with a layer of thick mattress. The bed cover should be thick as well, and the pillows should be oversized – this is how the French would do it. The bed frame and legs are usually manufactured with distressed wood while the headboard has interesting carvings on them. Don’t be stingy when it comes to sheets and pillows as the French décor is another name for luxury.

Resurfacing concrete driveway

Are there cracks, imperfections and discolorations on your concrete driveway? Resurfacing your concrete driveway is the best option available. The main objective is to get that smooth improved concrete look for your driveway. At first you need to choose from the wide variety of patterns, styles and colors if you are planning to resurface the concrete with polymer overlay. This is recommended in cases where the condition of the concrete is really poor.

If your concrete driveway requires minimal improvement then you can opt for stencil or stain to upgrade the look of the concrete. Water is one of the primary reasons of the cracks appearing on your concrete driveway and with time it creates more damage. You also have to get hold of a concrete resurfacing contractor for the job. You can even resurface your own driveway by following certain procedures. But you got to be careful and take help from a friend to assist you in the work.

How can you make a small home appear larger

Size clearly did not matter to you when you bought your new house but are thinking of ways in which you can make it appear larger so that your guests can’t actually guess the real size of your house? There are some basic tips that are extremely easy to follow which will make your house look spacious.

Here are a few of those tips-

1)     Use light and bright colors to paint the walls of your house. Dark colors will make the rooms look small and block the eye.

2)     When painting the top wall, always use white. It gives your house that virtual height you have always wanted.

3)     Make sure that your house is not over crowded with unnecessary furniture. Use space saving pieces with huge storing capacity.

4)     Install large windows in your house that let in lot of fresh air and natural light. This will definitely make your house look spacious and larger than what it usually is.

Tap Options for Your Modern Bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom with a new tap design? Then, there are many types and designs of taps that are available. You can choose your own shape and design according to the style and interior of the bathroom. If you want to give your bathroom a classy look then you should go for antique French taps. Nowadays even the original Edwardian taps are also available in the market which gives your bathroom a new and different style.

If you want that your bathroom should look like a modern bathroom then you should go for Art Deco taps. These taps are very convenient in installing in the bathroom. You should always be very careful that your tap should always match with other interior of the bathroom. Even there are taps available with one and two sprouts and with one or two handle. So, go for the style that you think will suit your bathroom the most.