How To Choose Your Window Blinds

Window BlindsThe two expectations of any fundamental part of house are to have variety and choice. Earlier there used to be two varieties but in this generation there are so many choices of windows and accessories. The choice of window blinds should be soothing and not perplexing. Blinds are made from vanes and slates. You can adjust it with a cord which is manual or remote controlled. The amount of light can be controlled by the blinds. Some points which you should consider are:-

The size – your first choice should be the width. There are usually three sizes of standard- 2, 1 and ½ inches. While making the choice out of these three you should go with the ½ inch since it is most widespread. For those who are still struck in the old world charm 2 inch should be your choice.

• Style of the blinds – most common question that comes in your mind while choosing the blinds. The styling depends on your goal. If you are constantly changing your blinds then you should not go in for short term basis blinds. Wooden blinds are mostly used by all. Since it gives a fresh feel of organic than the aluminium blinds it is preferred.

• Weight of the slat – it should not be loose or light and on the other hand not too tight and heavy. If you look cross eyed and it looks to break down then it is of no use. You also have to take a look whether the cords are breakable or not. Fragile material is not desired.

• Pick a colour – colour of the blinds matter in the appearance. If your room lacks colour a pop of colour is desirable in the blinds and if your room already is coloured then sticking to the basic wooden colour of the blinds or white blinds is a good idea.

• Money matters – to find a blind which will be less expensive is always the motive but in the process the durability of the product is forgotten. So stick to long term goal without thinking of the price.

Ecological environment is creeping in the wooden blinds and people are now getting accustomed to the bamboo blinds which are in vogue. It is not only light but provides a contemporary with traditional feel and look to the place. It is also something never seen before. The reeds, fabric, and the texture are relatively important when choosing the correct blinds. The difference between the shade and the blinds should be known so that you get the correct size with correct thing which you need. The blinds should also have a comfortable look and feel to the room.

The Blinds should also be useful as to not allow sunlight entering the room. Make sure that there is no dent in the blends. Usually there is no lining with the blinds so you have to select a blind which is thick enough and is not destroyed by sun, rain and wind.