Difference between Commercial Roofs and Residential Roofs

commercial roofIt appears like roof is easy to be installed in every building but no, the perception is wrong. Every foundation has its different needs regarding roofing methods. It depends upon the foundation of the roof that which roofing method will be more suitable and durable to the specified home or building. Different roofing methods have different designs, structures, shapes, materials, products, etc which is specified on the basis of the surface of the home. There is a vast different between commercial and residential roofs. They have different foundation of the building, different designs, etc and what not. It is very important to note down the difference of both the roofing. The products which are used in the installation of the roof are also different. The roofing contractors of both the roofing methods are also different in their experiences and the knowledge of it. The difference between commercial and residential roofing will be more clear by reading the below information.

Difference between:

  • Roof Design and Structure

You will find a huge difference between the structure and the design of commercial and the residential roofs because the foundation of the building or the home is singular. In commercial roofs, the surface which is more preferred is flat surface or flat roofs because it is commercial roofs which do not include any fancy surrounding of it. The surface area of the commercial roof is more as compared to the residential roof so the design is unlike of the residential roof. Residential homes are small in structure so any roof can be place and installed in the roof of the home.


  • Roofing Materials

The materials which are to be used in the installation of the roof in commercial or the residential vary in all aspects. The costs of materials in both the roofing aspects are different, the durability of the materials varies, and ingredient in the materials also differs. The commercial roof is seen in flat surface or the metal roofs only which have their different products to be used while in residential roof there are many options available to the homeowners to install different structured and materials roof. the roofing contractors which are hired for installing roof have better knowledge about which products or materials will be more suitable to the home or building.


  • Common roofing methods used in both the roofing

There are certain roofing designs and methods which are used in both the roofing of commercial and residential. In commercial roofing, surfaced roofs, flat roofs, metal roofs are more installed and constructed. Similar to that, flat roofs or metal roofs can also be installed in residential roofing depending upon the requirement of the homeowners who are wishing to install these roofing methods in their home.


  • More Easier to Install

As compared to commercial roofing, residential roofing is easier to install because residential homes have small spaces and sizes which is beneficial to the roofing contractor where as the commercial roofing needs more attention and services because it covers large roofing space as compared to residential homes. With the help of the roofing contractors both the roofs can be installed with ease by using their expertise and appropriate knowledge concerning roofs.