How to repair the sprinkler system in a garden?

repair the sprinkler systemSprinkler system damage and water main leaks are very frequent problems in gardens and lawns. The repair of such leaks involve a particular level of caution and skill, some day to day as well as uncommon tools, PVC fittings, adhesive and some other plumbing items. You also need to do some manual labor such as trenching and digging.

It is highly recommended that before you go about repairing a plumbing leak in your garden, you should look into the level of skill required for it and also take caution against the dangers involved. You must wear crack proof eye protection. You should also put on gloves to protect your hands from lacerations or even severe hand or finger injuries. Pipes that are broken or new PVC pipe fittings can burst suddenly, sending out junk like shrapnel. Most of these injuries can be avoided if the proper care is taken.

To repair sprinkler systems in gardens, you need specialty tools as well as common and basic tools. Common tools such as a regular shovel, hacksaws and channel lock pliers are needed. Specialty tools include pipe cutters, a particular trenching shovel, and small picks. An innovative use of common twine or string can be to use it as a saw in tight spots. Pulling the twine back and forth across PVC pipe will melt the pipe in the place where you are making the cut, and uses very little space which subsequently requires less digging to be done.

In short, if you are considering the best way to repair a damaged sprinkler system, you must contemplate the level of manual labor involved, have in your possession the proper tools and materials required and take extreme caution while doing the work. You can also think about calling in a professional. Having a plumber who specializes in in-ground sprinkler system repair do the work gives you a certainty on the repair lasting for long.

Handy tips on blind cleaning

blind cleaningBlinds are beautiful window embellishments extremely popular today. Have you too got your windows adorned by the beautiful blinds? Well, blinds are a sure-shot beauty no doubt but you must take care to clean them regularly as dirty blinds can hamper the overall beauty of your room. Blind cleaning is easy and here are some handy tips that will enable you to retain your blinds anew.

The most convenient thing is to use your good old feather duster for the cleaning task. You don’t have to rub the duster everyday- in fact, a thorough dusting once in the weekends would certainly suffice. A weekly dusting would prevent the backbreaking cleaning work later.

If you have narrow blinds, get hold of your old socks and a long ruler. Wrap the ruler with the sock and insert them in between the narrow slats for an effective cleaning. This sock & ruler cleaning would be especially helpful if you have got fragile metal blinds at home.

If you are going to have guests at home and you haven’t dusted the blinds for long, count on your hands and the old sock again. This time wrap the sock around your fingers and rub in between the blind slats. A feather dusting won’t be able to offer effective results if you haven’t dusted the slats for long. While cleaning the dirty blinds, lay a paper sheet under the blinds so that the dirt from the slat gets accumulated in a definite space & does not get to scatter all over the floor.

If your windows are too tall and you don’t get to reach out to the blinds easily, trust on the brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner. A weekly vacuum cleaning is common in almost every home and utilize the same routine to get your blinds cleaned.

How to Take Care of Your Garage Door

Garage DoorA garage door is considered as one of the last things that need to be taken care of in our house. They are taken for granted but they are very important as they help our car to remain safe and provide safety for your family as well. Here are some easy tips which you can follow to keep your garage door in a good condition:

a) The garage door opener must be fixed at a certain height so that is away from the reach of small children and where you can keep a constant look upon.
b) If your garage door has a remote control then make sure that your children do not play with it. You must explain it to them that they are not playing objects and they must know about the door safety.
c) You must keep a close inspection of the door regularly in a year. You must check the cables, pulleys, rollers and springs so that they are in proper condition and do not shoe signs of wear. If you notice their damage then you must contact a professional and get it repaired as soon as possible.
d) You should disconnect the opener in order to open the door manually. The door must be a t a height of say three to four foot above the ground level.
e) You should employ a technical person with specialized tools to repair cables and springs. You should not try repairing them yourselves as they remain under huge tension and can cause injury if you do not handle it properly.
f) You should consider buying a garage door with rolling code technology.
g) You should regularly lubricate all the parts of the door. This is a job that can be done by you. You should be careful about the type of lubricant that you use.
h) Household oil is used in by many people but it can accumulate dirt and debris.

Pebble up Your Bathroom

Pebble up Your BathroomThe best way to renovate your bathroom or creating a new one is to use the pebbles. They are very natural and unique. They will help to give your bathroom a grand new look that will surely be natural. They also make the interiors of the bathroom very cozy and nice so that you can enjoy every second of the time spent in the bathroom. Some of the best types are:

Pebble textured tiles with frameless door: This is unique in itself. The frameless door for the shower and the pebbled tiles for the walls and the floor can be used. This gives a natural look to the bathroom. To make the interiors contrast, you can use stoned tiles for the shower. The frameless door will not require a metal track. This will help you to give your bathroom an exotic and unique look.

Pebble Stone with other Natural Material: Another interesting way is to mix pebble stones with some other natural material. This will avoid you to have too much of pebble stones in your bathroom. You can combine the pebble stone with any other smoother stone that will give your bathroom a slight rustic look and also a yellowish shade. You can make the area of the shower smooth by using slate tiles. The walls can be made beautiful with pebbles. You can also use slate tiles on the walls and use the pebbles just for the bordering purpose.

Pebbles, Tiles, and Wood: Another classic way to decorate the bathroom is to use a combination of pebble stones and materials like wood. This will provide a rich look to your bathroom. The wood chosen must be water resistance so that it can last for longer time. Some of the woods for this purpose can be redwood, teak and cedar. Sealing must be carefully done so that water does not reach the wood.