Styling up your sedentary staircase

sedentary staircaseWhile making a house it’s important to note that every little thing adds up to the overall detailing of the house and can make your place look good or bad. One little mistake here or there and people will be the first to notice that. Hence it is important to keep in mind also something as small and as unimportant as the staircase. We think of the staircase as something used for the sole purpose of going up and coming down but think of it as a way to make your house look more spectacular by using the staircase also as a piece of decoration.

In the market there are a number of accessories like hand carves caps and knobs for making your staircase look classy. Choosing these knobs can be accordance to the interiors and colours that your house is displaying. Adding a central pole, also called customised newel can be a good idea too. It can add both charm and sophistication to your house. The newel poles can be decorated with these knobs and caps keeping in mind the design and decoration of the house.

Getting made a spiral staircase is always a good idea but all houses may not have the required space for getting this made. A wooden staircase never goes out of fashion too. Using darker coloured wood adds more antiquity and tradition to the ambience and also covers up for dust accumulation whereas lighter colours usually made from pine and walnut give a free, lighter and airy feeling to the space.
Lighting can also be used efficiently for making your staircase pep up the ambience. Lights below, on top, on the sides and around the railings matching to the colours of the walls and connecting with other decorative pieces is also a nice way to make your stairs look pretty.