Granite vs marble: what to pick

Tips to select counter tops, kitchen counter topsSelecting a countertop for your kitchen or bathroom even selecting a rock for the floor can be quite tricky. While you visit the market you will get two options that is marble or granite. Both rocks are beautiful and provide a touch of elegance to your home. Both the stones have their own advantages and their own disadvantages. You need to make your own choice while selecting among them.

Marble is a stone that is quite beautiful made under high pressure and heat. This rock is generally made up of lime and thus it is considered as soft rock. The rock is quite porous and thus it is not that resistant to water. Once a scratch is being created over the rock it will result into degradation of the health of your rock. It is reactive to acids, water and cannot resist high heat. On the other hand granite is a strong rock with the basic component of quartz. This makes the rock quite strong and resisting to scratches. It has high amount of life. This means granite is suited for high usage area while marble is suited for less usage.

Roman shades: the perfect drapery

Tips for home decoration, home decorEverything follows a trend which keeps on changing with time. The same goes for interior designing and decorating the home. For window drapery, Roman drapes are the best thing in the present time. Their classic designs with great utility make them the best for window coverings. The best thing about Roman shades is that one will never run out of options with these. Unique styles, designs and excellent quality is what makes the Roman shades the first choice for draperies.

One thing about Roman shade draperies is that you should buy them from a well known outlet, making it sure that it was made by a professional. The best draperies can last more than ten years with ease. With these modern Roman draperies you can completely give a different look and style to your room. Though these Roman shade draperies are not very cheap, yet they are not very costly too.

Add-ons for your curtains to glam it up

Decorate home with curtains, home decorCurtains are very important for your house. They bring a lot of character to your house. They accentuate the appeal of the house in a very silent manner. Apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal of the house, they are also used for protecting the room from the sun and the outside view.

Therefore, the curtains have a lot of importance in the house, as said before. You may keep your curtains drab and uninteresting or you can jazz up the curtains of your room by accessorizing it in different ways. Pelmets are very important for the curtains and you can get creative with the pelmets in a lot of different ways. You can get the pelmets painted or designed with stickers. A very interesting way of using a tree branch for a curtain rod can be implemented for a green or a yellow curtain for that natural look. You can also stitch along the edges of the curtains.