Kid proofing your apartment

Kid proofing apartmentIf kids are around in your house it is very much necessary to child proof your apartment to save your kid from uncertain accidents and dangers. Kids need free environment where they can crawl and roam all around the place. It is therefore a vital need to kid proof your apartment so that you can let your kid move freely within the apartment. Household injuries are very much common due to which it is almost mandatory for you to kid proof your apartment to save them from unintentional injuries which often leads to death. Here are some of the simple tips for you

  • Blunt or pad the sharp corners of the furniture.
  • Special care should be taken when your baby is around the staircase. Install baby gates.
  • Install child locks so that the kids do not have access to chemicals, cleaning detergents and other materials that should be kept of their reach.


How plastic milk crates are fantastic for storing things

Plastic milk crates, milk cratesMilk crates do have a lot of uses other than storing milk. The plastic milk crates are well known for their varied usage, the best being storing things. They are very essential in gathering and organizing things in the house or at your workplace. They prove to be great carriers as things are easily fitted in the regular milk crates.

The rectangular shape of the crates is able to hold anything you like and easy to move things from one place to another, in them at a time. Vacant spaces in the milk crates should be filled with packing materials like clothing. Milk crates are widely used as a storage bin where you can store your things at a single place. It is a useful container where you can store toys, outdoor equipments, garage tools and many more. The crates are durable and also serve you long. Select the required size and make proper use of the crates.

Handmade wall art: Add some personal touch to your home décor

Handmade wall artAre you planning to decorate your home in a different way than the traditional trend then you should go for the handmade wall art. They come in various patterns and styles and look good as well. They give an imperialistic look to the house. You can also design your own handmade art as no such professional training is required for this.

Nowadays various formats are available in the market you just have to either color them or cut them into the correct shape and size and your handmade wall art is perfectly ready for decoration. You can also make wall hangings, various show pieces or glass paintings too. You can select designs and patterns of various types according to your taste. In terms of cost they are also quite pocket friendly. They give your house a classy look and you can also add a personal touch to your home décor in this way.


What is skull fabric and how can you use it in your home décor

skull fabric, home decorSkull fabric is a soft cotton fabric with human skull printed on it. Different from any other type of fabric available in the market, skull fabric is useful in many ways. To create a new definition in your home décor, skull fabric can be bought in yards and put to use wherever you like it.

Skull fabric is an ingenious mean for making bed canopies. Though canopies are often considered to be luxury items, skull fabrics are cheaper than many other options and hence enable you to have a bed canopy too, that also of a very different kind. It can also be used to make curtains or furniture coverings. With both sides printed with skulls, it adds an entirely new look to your old furniture. Skull fleece fabric is very comfortable to make winter clothes and is an alternative to people allergic to wool. Available in many colors, they can be used to make table cloths, tote bags and napkins.

How to do up a contemporary dining room

contemporary dining room,FurnishingsThe conventional idea is that the walls of a small space should be coated with a shade of white in order to make it look larger than it actually is. This idea is quite outdated as small rooms that have walls painted white look boring and dingy. You should choose such a color that would be complementary to the furniture of the room. You should get the walls painted with colors that will generate warmth and add to the look of the dining room.

Nice furniture with glass covered shelves carrying the crockery would go very nice by a large table with comfortable chairs. Try to put nice light fixtures to create a comfortable and a cozy atmosphere for your dining room. You could arrange flowers over the dining table in order to get the warm welcoming feel. The dining room is a place where the family can reunite so keep in mind that the place has to be tidy and clean so that everyone can have a good time with each other.

Mexican inspired living room décor for your home

Mexican inspired living room décorLiving room is that place of the house where you spend most of your time. Decorate it to cheer you up with its glamour and sophistication. Mexican décor ideas are great to give your living room a southwest touch.

Mexican décor is about bold colors and rustic feel. A lively combination of paints featuring earth tones on walls and furnishings accentuated with red, yellow and orange gives you the true feeling of a Mexican home. By using throw rugs or flat-weaved wool rugs of typical Mexican design, you can add texture and color to your room.

Clay based terracotta pottery is one distinct feature of Mexican culture, so you can decorate your living room with jugs, vases or a truly discrete California strawberry pot. Aztec calendar representation made of hydro-stone and tinted wood would give a rustic feel to your living room. Wooden frames and native artwork serve similar purposes.