How to give your home a rustic décor

Are you planning to give your house a rustic look? Then we have some good ideas for you. The rustic look will give a modern touch to your room. For this, you can paint your house with earthy colors like grey; brown, green etc. you can use different textures and fabrics to paint your walls. Make sure that you do not overdo it otherwise it will hamper the show. You can use hardwood for the flooring which will give your room a rustic look. You can even put in rugs or you can also have a forestry theme.

You can always go for wrought iron furniture or even you can paint your old furniture with rusty tones. You can mix in with blunt light decorative and rusty table lamps. You can opt for chandeliers which will make your room look brighter. You can add some artistic quotient by putting some antiques into your room. Thus the rustic look will make your home more appealing.

Simple yet effective kitchen pantry designs

If you are looking for ways which are simple enough yet quiet helpful in making creative pantry designs then the best place to look for it is the internet. Once you are logged in your will get the links of hundreds of websites telling you about the best pantry designs for your kitchen and thousands tip on the type of pantry design that will look good in your kitchen and will suit your budget.

The problem which is faced by many people who are looking for effective pantry layouts is the space as in a modern day apartment the kitchens are small and compact in nature. The first and foremost thing which you must do is to think very hard in which way you will be able to properly design your pantry with the little amount of space you have. One very easy step is by opting for shelves which can be adjusted according to your need in the kitchen.

How can you pick the perfect bathroom rug?

A bathroom rug plays an equal role in the décor of the bathroom as does the fittings, floorings, etc. You need to carefully choose a bathroom rug which enhances the look of the bathroom. The main objective of the rug should be to enhance the calmness and relaxed feeling of the bathroom as it is the place where we get ourselves cleaned and loosened up.


The material for the rug must be chosen properly because rugs not only enhance the bathroom’s look, they also provide safeness by ensuring that you do not slip in the bathroom. If you are following a particular theme for your bathroom décor, follow the same lines while opting for the bathroom rug. Do a bit of thinking regarding the size, shape and color of the rug before you head towards the market to buy one. The price of rugs varies, so choose the one which would not hurt your pockets.

Outdoor wall art for you

Looking forward to give your home a fresh look with exquisite wall arts? Well, while looking for it you should keep in mind few essential factors like the material of the wall art so that it does not get damaged, the design should be unique, not something which we see every day, and the size of the wall art should be chosen carefully so that it does not overshadow the surroundings. If you look in the market you can see numerous outdoor wall arts that will give you an exact idea about what you want in your home.

Go for the style that appeals to you and reflects your personality. While choosing canvases you have to be a bit careful not to go beyond your budget. If you go online you will find many sites that can offer you stunning wall canvases at a discounted rate. To beautify your garden you can choose stone, synthetic stone or concrete statues and sculptures that will look elegant in your garden and also if budget permits can add a small water fountain to add the grace.

Guidelines to effectively resurface your bathtub

If you are thinking to resurface the most used item of your house then it is advisable to perform the simple task yourself. In this way you can save yourself a great amount of money. While undergoing the task of resurfacing you will need to think of the colour you want for your bathtub. In this way you will be able to make your bathtub match it with your bathrooms paint. For resurfacing the bathtub you will need to follow certain steps.

First of all you will need to take away all the enhancements from the bathtub surface and then start cleaning the bathtub with the chemical provided in the resurfacing kit. After cleaning the bathtub effectively it’s time for you to apply the first coat of paint on it. Then let it dry for 30 minutes and then its time when you can apply the desired paint on the bathtub. Once you are done with painting then you have completed the resurfacing task of your bathtub.

Learn to reglaze your ceramic tiles

If you love your ceramic tiles and desire to keep it anew here are some excellent tips. First of all, clean up your tiles completely with a solution of soapy water and make sure scrub the surface. You can utilize a good bristle brush so that you can scrub out from the corners and crevices. Then, rinse it thoroughly and check there is no residue behind.

Now, use acetone on your tiles which will neutralize all the additional grime from your tile surface. Rinse and then dry thoroughly. Then use some silicone digester plus a putty knife or a scraper for removing every trace of caulk or silicone. Follow it with a complete rinsing and cleaning. The next step is to mask off the entire room with a plastic sheet and remove the acid traces with solvent degreaser.

Now, apply 2-3 coats of primer on the tile followed by 12 light coats of the paint. It would take some time to dry and this coating of acrylic urethane would work to bring back the lost glaze of your tiles.

Decorating with candles

Dinning without candles is like party without booze, because the candles set an instant intimate mood that is quite required during a meal. Not only at the dining tables, candles should be anywhere and everywhere as it is a potential decorating feature that many ignore since they are not aware of the beauty it adds to the already decorated house. First of all, you got to avoid using scented candles, especially at meals as some people find it allergic.

You can place the candle lights at different angles in a room by just being random, this will add to the beauty of the room. The fact is, almost anything can be a candle holder – hence you don’t have to worry about investing on separate candle holders from the store. Now at places where you can’t have a candle or candles, use mirrors to reflect or redirect the light rays and suddenly you have an underground cave from the medieval period.

French bedding explained

There’s hardly anything romantic than the French style décor, especially the French bedroom designs. Take any leaf out of their book of designs and you’ll find that it concentrates more on the addition of romance as well as sophistication than anything else. If you’re really fed-up with the old design of your bedroom and would like to redo the decoration using the French traditions, follow the below steps in order to make it exotic.

The one thing that gives your bedroom a unique look is a rococo style bed with a layer of thick mattress. The bed cover should be thick as well, and the pillows should be oversized – this is how the French would do it. The bed frame and legs are usually manufactured with distressed wood while the headboard has interesting carvings on them. Don’t be stingy when it comes to sheets and pillows as the French décor is another name for luxury.