Applying Velvet Your Drawer

There are a lot of welcome remodeling projects you can undertake within your dressing room (or the bedroom, if that is where your dressing table stands) like changing your old curtains to trendy styled new ones, or maybe adding a picture mosaic to the empty focal point wall. When it comes to your dressing table drawers, you might want to add a velvet coating to one of your drawers, specifically the one which carries your precious fragile jewelry items.

Velvet has its own unique texture & rich feel. It also provides a soft surface for your fragile jewelry items to rest upon. Once you decide upon the color of your velvet sheet, measure the dimensions of your drawer & buy the sheets accordingly. Cut the pieces in appropriate sizes. Clean the drawer neatly & stick the pieces (removing the peel of back). Make sure you do not allow the formation of air bubbles in between.

Redoing Your Bookcase by Using Colors

Homemakers are constantly on the hunt for getting the best ideas so as to keep their house with the living fashion trends. Though the bigger remodeling projects, like changing a staircase or adding a porch. cost a lot of money, their are still many small scale projects which can definitely add appeal to the house. For example, you can think of putting on a new set of curtains – or maybe something interesting like painting your old book case with fresh vibrant colors, all by yourself.

Choose the shade of color you wish to apply. Scrape the old color & paint a coat of primer. Use a roller paint brush for easy application. Let it dry & apply a second coat of primer. Once done, apply at least three coats of paint, giving ample time for drying. Make sure you choose complementary shades of colors to apply on the shelves & the outer casing.

Decorating Ideas for Your House Entrance

People often get confused about enhancing the appeal of their homes. With a lot of reference material for home decor (like websites & self help books), one is bound to get confused. However, you can plan your line of projects easily once you decide where you wish to start. They say – you should start where it starts. It means that the best place to start with the remodeling is the place which will be exposed first to your guests – the entrance. Many people tend to ignore this corner, maybe owing to its small size, yet one should give thorough attention to it.

IT is good to work over a theme. You can add some mirrors & a couple of western style cowboy artifacts to convert the entrance in a cowboy style entrance. You can go ahead & put a collage of decorative stones over the walls & floor to create a natural appeal.

Maintaining Your Pool Walls

Having your own swimming pool in the backyard is like a dream come true. Yet, when that pool arrives into the real picture & a couple of fancy days pass away, the nightmares pertaining to the tedious maintenance dawn upon us. Many home owners prefer to subscribe to the services of a professional maintenance company. However, it comes as a costly option. There are simple DIY ways of keeping your pool well functional.

A pool is subjected to extreme levels of moisture, which is why it becomes an easy substrate for bacterial & algal growth. This creates a slimy layer which can deteriorate the water quality & also cause accidents. One can start the maintenance with cleaning the pool filter. Go for several cycles of back washing to clear the filter. Use a algaecide to tackle with the algal growth. You can also use a brush to scrub the slime layer off the walls.

Homemade Candles Having Mop Head Wicks

Everyone has a creative line to their cloud, which is generally washed out into their boring daily routines. To escape from the game, people often resort to hobbies – some go for adventure treks, some drown in books, many start collecting antiques and so on. Candle making is yet another rewarding hobby – not just because you save the big bucks on designer candles but the fact that your free time can be invested in making artistic wax masterpieces.

First, you need to buy the right amount & type of wax. A mixture of natural & paraffin wax suits a vast array of applications. You can also try collecting the left over wax from old candles. Ready to use plaited mop wicks are available or you can roll some on your own. Heat the wax in a pan & add it to your mold. Insert the wick & wait for the wax to cool down.

Friendship Rug Bracelets! DIY!

Everyone cherishes the memoirs of their high school & college days. After graduation, friends part and leave for their destined career paths. Their is an exchange of occasional mementos – picture frames, watches and so on. Yet, a custom friendship bracelet does not match the emotion of these ready-to-deploy artifacts. A self made bracelet from remnants of a rag rug will serve as a perfect presentation for your friends, with whom you have spent some of the best days of your life.

Collect (i.e. cut) at least six strips from different rugs & arrange them together. Fold in half and make a double loop to secure a knot. Use a clipboard to immobilize the strings so that you can do the weaving job. Follow a series of backward & forward knots to establish a nice texture. Complete the end with another knot. Once done, check the knots once again & wear your friendship bracelet.

Making Wall Hangings from Old Newspapers

Human brains have been creative since their birth – some chose to utilize it for advancement while some employed it for designing the worldly terminus. Let us leave the technological perspective away and focus on creativity as an art. Though commercial designers have brought in endless variety of solutions to bloom up your houses, one still has many more to design & install it on his own. It is not just about getting the raw material & painting your own masterpiece; you can easily deploy all the stuff you had earlier thought of throwing out – like old wallpapers for instance. You can use such wallpapers to make an astounding wall hanging for your focal wall.

You can cut pieces of old wallpaper of the required size, shape & edges. Use a custom painted canvas as a frame for the wallpaper. You can make a collage of such wallpapers and affix them over a wallpaper panel.

Folding Your Socks Quickly

A disturbed drawer is all it takes to spoil your day & your mood. Instead, wouldn’t it be a good idea to dedicate a few extra minutes to keep your stuff in order? It might save you an occasional mood swing & a quibble with your spouse. Folding socks & keeping them stacked in pairs sounds like something taken out from a philosophical DIY book, yet in fact, it is quite an interesting and well rewarding job.

You can fold your washed socks in two ways. The first involved clubbing the two socks together & folding them into half. Make sure you have straightened the wrinkles. The next is the alternative method. Here, you should fold the pair into one third. Once done, lock the two pieces together so you won’t mix them with others. It is a good idea to stack the pairs of socks so that they don’t fall down, causing a mess.

Flattening the Rolled Stored Rug

Nowadays, every aspect of a house is thoroughly checked by homemakers, so as to keep up with the designer trends. From coffee tables to rugs, wardrobes to focal walls, from sinks to bathtubs – they want everything to be perfect to the lowest point visible to human eyes. A rug is often the first impression of your living room (no one looks upwards first) and hence you need to take special measures while selecting one. It is a general practice of rug makers to roll the rugs during their journey from the ware house to your floor. During this journey, the rug fibers get used to the roll & tend to stay that way even when you unfold it.

Do not roll the rug the other way round as you do for a set of rolled papers. This might cause trouble. Use heavy furniture or an iron to deal with the rolls.

Decorating by Using Floral Couch and Rugs

Though a flower glides more into the feminine section, it has been an undaunted inclusion in design patterns, presentation articles & cloth prints. Today, even with the advancement of modern art, floral pattern still remains at the top – rather, with the inception of creative masterpieces, there has been a substantial increase in the design styles embedding floral elements. However, I do not wish to say that simply stuffing floral printed objects in your living room will create the fragrant aura automatically. You need to take care how you blend the objects & patterns together into an appealing output.

Study the blend of hues you wish to have for your room. Do not mix antagonistic themes. Choose opposing color schemes (one strong if the other is mild) for your rug & couch (and the accessories like coffee table, pillows, etc.) . Make sure the combination blends well against the color & theme of your room.