Indoor Furnishing Using South-Western style

The south western region of the United States is all about Spanish & Mexican blend of cultures (though each have their shares distinguished), desert locales and a plot for many big time classic flicks. If you wish to decorate your room in a similar fashion, you need to do a thorough research of the native trends. You can add bright colors & elements like turquoise, beige, pink & red to illuminate the theme. You will have to opt for wooden or clay components, as against the new age trends. Wooden tables with brightly colored tops go well with the theme and should be coupled with leather seating.

The picture frames should include south western elements or plots like horses, desert wildlife and so on. The artifacts can be of native American style, like the Kokopelli. Hand crafted accessories like baskets & pots made by the native Indian artisans will surely lighten up the place.

Decorating Your Alpine or Rustic Chic

Though advancements have lured humans away to the technological wonders, some of the best things in the world are still lying under the natural domain. As against the modular chic homes, many people still prefer the comfy feeling of an Alpine chic. If decorated properly, this place can serve as the perfect mountain getaway & can offer you a lazy comfort, even during the harshest weather conditions. One can also add a few new age elements, just to keep the cabin ready for an occasional complaining guest.

Make sure you have rugs which match the theme (like natural floral or animal prints). You can buy bulky rugs – these go perfect with the wooden background. Do not add fancy colors, instead go for mild shades like beige. You can decorate the walls with nature oriented picture frames. You can experiment with some out of the box lighting ideas, since you can do a lot on a wooden canvas.

Decoration of the Roaring Twenties

Though many house owners like to play it in the new age league, there are still many genuine souls who like to paint their home decor to make it look like a paused old classic fairytale. The twenties came along with some memoirs which have left an impression even to the new age. The decade came along with important inventions in the field of technology, science & medicine. If you wish to remodel your house based on the twenties theme, there are some things which you need to be aware of at every step.

One of the many additions can include brass or bronze fixtures coupled with Persian carpets& Tiffany styled lamps. Though this sounds uninviting, the walls need to be left empty as much as possible, since the era did so. Polished wood or marble flooring, though a costly alternative, will match the theme perfectly, provided it is matched well with the rug & drapery.

About the Californian Style of Home Décor

California is the heavenly abode for millions of flocking tourists & relocating celebrities. It has a perfect blend of multiple cultures (like Spanish & Asian), new age lifestyle full of glam & glitter, and a trove of natural treasures. If you wish to decorate your house based on a Californian style, you will have to do a thorough prior research. Your project will not be simply restricted to adding a couple of county souvenirs.

Owing to the state being a home to the rich & famous, your home should inherit the same blood line when it comes to flaunting. The design should speak a few lines, yet make a big statement. If you wish to go into the native scene, you can opt for the old Spanish styled white walls & wrought iron artifacts. You need to add multiple shades of red to make a nice ethnic impression. You can also think of giving it a vineyard feeling.

Using Feng Shui for Decorating Your Rooms

Though many people openly mock supernatural belief systems, it is intriguing how increasing number of them are adopting these systems themselves. The Feng Shui (which literally means ‘wind water’) is an ancient belief system in the Chinese civilization, which has now made a permanent mark over the globe. It associates the five basic elements and specific shapes to be used to bring happiness & luck to the household. It makes use of special conditions and/or objects to be placed & oriented in the pre-specified way so as to facilitate the flow of positive energy around the place.

While decorating your place based on the Feng Shui ideology, one should give a brief thought to colors – since every color means something. The lighting used should be calm (and possibly natural) and not straining to the eye or the flow of Chi (energy). You can also make use of wood or decorative crystals.

Furniture Idea for Your Small Studio

When shifting over to a new property, it is always a challenge to find the best theme that will suit it. Men have lost days on figuring out a decor style that will not only make them envied by their neighbors but will also go easy on their pockets. When it comes to a studio apartment, one is confined to modular yet small space, which makes it a tricky task to choose the right furniture & layout for the same. Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your small studio apartment.

First, it is good to opt for large sized furniture (sets) instead of many small ones. It is recommended to go for furniture which can serve many purposes in one go – for example, a kitchen cabinet which can also provide space for your chimney, or a book storage with an add-on study table.

Cutting Shelves in the wall

Making big changes in your house can also make big changes in its visual appeal – however, there are a set of guidelines to be followed so as to ensure your tedious efforts do not go in vain. When you want to work on your walls, for example when you want to carve a shelf out of it, you need to observe optimum care. Not only do you have the restriction of the shelf width of 16 inches (owing to the presence of stud walls) but also because of the network of electricity & plumbing lines that run within the wall.

Mark the end points of your shelf carefully. Make sure the lines go straight or else you will end up carving a sloping shelf. Once done with the marking, use a wallboard saw to cut the shelves. Use lumber to make the shelf planks. Install them using properly aligned screws.

Applying Protective Finish to Your Wicker Chairs

It is not just buying or making fancy furniture that finishes the job from your side. You also need to take good care of it, depending on its type. For example, concrete structures need regular check for cracks & leakages. Likewise, wicker chairs, too need their share of love and attention. A raw wicker chair is vulnerable to attack by moisture as well as heat. You can add different types of protective coatings so as to safeguard them and hence increase their life.

Opt for a good latex paint. Often, multiple coats will do the magic. Opt for a color which will match the theme of your room (or exterior). If you wish to preserve that natural texture, you can opt for a clear coating, or better, a wax coating. Also, make sure you do not expose your wicker chairs to direct heat (sunlight or fireplace), as it will dry up the moisture from the fibers.

Making Wicker Chairs

Do It Yourself styled home improvement projects are gaining a lot of momentum, especially because people tend to merge them with their creative designs, creating elegant outputs. Though making a chair does not sound much of a creative job, it will surely be one, especially if you are planning to make a wicker chair. Such chairs are built on a wood or steel platform with threads of rattan or bamboo weaved over it in a typical pattern. Such chairs add a good visual appeal to your interior as well as garden or patio.

Select the type of raw material (like rattan, willow, etc.) and an appropriate frame (wood or plastic preferably). Soak the raw material in water for a couple of hours & start securing them on the frame using hammer & nails. Use a good latex paint; opt for at least two coats. Add a coat of marine varnish over it.

Alternatives for Your Bookcase

With the increasing amount of incoming stuff in the house as against the obviously inflexible volume of the structure, storage of household items becomes quite a headache. Though there are ways in which a shelf can be extended or an entirely new case can be purchased, there are still many other affordable ways to make space for that extra chunk of goodies. Let us take an example of how you can add more space to house the extra books which cannot find place in your already filled bookcase.

Though it sounds like a crude ‘dorm boy’ styled idea, old milk crates can serve as a good storage space for books, although they would not go very well if you have a theme put up in your room. Another option is to convert your old dressing drawers into extra storage space for books. You can custom paint (or even remodel) them to meet up to your requirements.