Adding New Flooring on Top of Cracked Foundations

There are dozens of problems associated with every project pertaining to the home improvement section. One must take care so as to either avoid or overcome them so as to attain a good output. Working over the flooring is one such issue. One can have endless varieties of themes to achieve from such projects, especially with the new creative designs hitting the market. However, if your concrete foundation is not able to support it, the work goes down the drain. Cracked foundations, though not such a big talk, should be tackled with in time.

Carefully remove the old flooring. Fill the cracked regions with good concrete mix with the aid of a trowel. Cover the surface with a moisture barrier layer. Start laying the floor boards uniformly. You might need to cut the boards near the walls. Do not forget to lock every tile neatly. Once done, cover the sides using a floor trim.