Repairing the KraftMade not-closing drawers

Since the last few decades, homeowners have started giving a special attention to their houses, advancing from the old ‘brick & wood’ perspective. Nowadays, people look at their homes as a social representation of their personality – no wonder they spend a large fraction of their savings in its embellishment. Some home improvement companies have brought forward creative concepts in home makeovers. Reputed brands, like KraftMaid, have been providing ready-to-install as well as customized home improvement solutions. Since its inception about two decades back, KraftMaid has won millions of hearts with their signature collections of kitchen and bathroom cabinet solutions.

Often, your KraftMaid cabinet will give your problems while closing it. Such an issue arises if their is dirt sticking along the track or if the track clips have moved from their position. You can use a blower to clean any dirt. Use a screw driver to tighten the clip screws to put your cabinet back in order.